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Beauty Beyond Makeup: Understanding the World of Skincare Products

Updated: Jan 31

Practicing self-care isn't selfish. It's a way to show yourself love and compassion. So take a little time each day to care for yourself and your well-being. Not only will you feel better, but you'll be able to become a better mom for your children. Be patient and kind with yourself and your children. Parenting can be challenging at times, but with love, support, and a willingness to learn and grow, you can create a happy and healthy family environment.

Make-up was limited to talcum powder, eye pencils, and kajals when I was a child. A bindi completed the look. Lipsticks were reserved for special occasions and using them on a regular day would draw unwanted attention from elders, who would often make jokes at your expense. However, times have changed since then and things are different now.

applying lipstick is very common these days

Today, most women tend to use lip care products such as lip balms, lipsticks, or lip gloss. I am often amazed at the sheer number of makeup products people use these days. Social media is flooded with makeup tutorials and product endorsements, with layers of products applied until the person transforms into someone completely new. Many people are now making a career as a makeup artist, creating vlogs about makeup or posting reviews of the many cosmetics available in the market.

After the makeup is completed, it's often hard to tell how many products were used to achieve the final look. Initially, it can be quite challenging to memorize the names of each product. In today's internet era, where information is readily available, it seems only reasonable that we should know the purpose of each skincare product. Consumerism for makeup is currently at an all-time high, and companies are introducing new products daily.

Are you struggling to choose the right skincare product for your skin type? With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to choose. It is important to know the purpose of each product to select the right products suitable for your skin type.

an array of slincare products

Understanding the world of skincare products.

 Here is some basic info about the various skincare products available in the market.  

  1. Cleanser or Facewash: Both are used to remove dirt and oil from the face. While cleanser is a non-foaming cleaning solution that can be wiped off using cotton, face wash also serves the same purpose but it is foaming and needs to be washed off.

  2. Toner: Toner is a liquid used to cleanse and tighten the pores. It helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin. It also acts as a primer for layers of makeup you would apply later.

  3. Face mist: when applied to clean skin, gives instant hydration and a fresh look.

  4. Serum: Serums are tailor-made products for various skin problems like dark spots, pigmentation, dullness, etc.

  5. Eye Cream: It helps to hydrate the skin, reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, and defend against UV rays and other environmental aggressors.

  6. Sunscreen Lotion: It is applied to protect your skin from sunburns and from harmful rays of the sun that can cause cancer.

  7. Moisturizer: It can be cream-based or gel-based. It is used to avoid skin dryness and to hydrate the skin. Different types are available for 'normal', 'dry', 'very dry', and 'sensitive skin'.

  8. Foundation: It covers blemishes, corrects your skin tone, blurs imperfections, and creates an overall smooth and even canvas. It is available as liquid, creams, powder, and serums. 

  9. Concealers: cosmetic products used to cover up blemishes, dark circles, and other imperfections on the skin. Concealers can be used alone or in combination with foundation to create a flawless complexion. When choosing a concealer, it's important to consider your skin type and the level of coverage you need. Some concealers also contain skincare ingredients that can help improve the condition of the skin.

bottles of serums

Now let us focus on a new-age beauty product - the face serum, which is becoming increasingly popular. Face serums are highly concentrated and provide many benefits for the skin. However, choosing the right one can be difficult with so many available options.

Here are some of the face serums available in the market. With this guide, you can make an informed decision and achieve glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Hyaluronic acid serum: It moisturizes the skin and minimizes signs of aging since plump, hydrated skin makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

Niacinamide serum: it minimizes enlarged pores, tightens lax pores, improves uneven skin tone, softens fine lines & wrinkles, diminishes dullness, and strengthens a weakened surface.

Salicylic acid serum: It reduces mild to moderate acne by exfoliating the skin and keeping pores clear. It works best for blackheads and whiteheads and prevents future breakouts.

Vitamin C serum: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production in your skin. It also fights fine lines and brightens your complexion.

Glutathione serum: It prevents damage from UV rays, regenerates and repairs tissues, and lightens hyperpigmentation. It helps in skin whitening. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It treats skin conditions such as sun damage, scars, and age spots.

By exploring the benefits of each serum, you can choose the right one for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test on your hands before applying it on your face. These products can be used as a standalone product or used in combination.

 If you are prone to allergies, always consult a dermatologist before using these products, as the wrong combination can cause undesired results.

Gone are the days when skincare and makeup were limited to women. Today men are equally involved in their skincare regime. You could find isles of men's products in the supermarket. The growing influence of social media has made a great impact on the skincare and makeup industry. The youth is endorsing the Korean way of makeup. I don't know how many vlogs I have seen about "how to achieve the Korean glass skin".

Times change and new trends are welcome. Sometimes you should shut your ears to others' opinions. Not all opinions are meant for you. So men or women, do what you love to do, build your confidence, and enjoy your life.

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