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"Why Encouraging Children to Read is the Best Gift You Can Give"

Updated: Jan 12

child reading book

My love for reading started from watching my family members read. My dad's early morning routine includes scanning every nook and corner of the newspaper while sipping his black coffee. Sometimes the newspaper doesn't arrive as it will not be printed on certain holidays. On such days, he would miss his newspaper, walking around the house and letting everybody know that he could not read his newspaper that day.

When I was younger, my brothers used to fight for the comic books that arrived once a week along with the newspaper. I got hold of this craze and I would soon grab the book when my brothers were done with the reading. The relief that you get after finishing reading all your favorite stories is something unexplainable. The magazines were also enticing, filled with beautiful and colorful photographs. I used to enjoy viewing these pictures before reading the articles. My mother also spent quite a lot of time reading after she finished her chores.

child reading book

During my teenage years, I developed a keen interest in reading books. Mark Twain's "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" were among my favorites. I also enjoyed detective stories like Nancy Drew and adventure stories like "The Famous Five," available in my school library. I vividly remember reading "Little Women" and loving it. I even borrowed my brother's collection of Sydney Sheldon's works, although some parts of the stories were not age-appropriate for me. Through him, I also read most of Robert Langdon's works. Reading Khaled Hosseini's "The Thousand Splendid Suns" changed my reading preferences, and I subsequently bought his other book, "The Kite Runner," which I found equally fascinating. Even after all these years, I still cherish the memories of reading these books, although my choice of books may not impress avid readers.

What are some of your favorite childhood books? Do you have any fond memories of reading such books? If so, please comment and let me know. I would love to know your favorite books from your childhood.

In a World of Technology, Why Reading is More Important Than Ever.

It sometimes disappoints me that none of the children today read like we used to when we were younger. The main reason is the influx of technologies into our lives. Children prefer phones and tablets and find books to be boring.

The COVID pandemic has worsened their reading skills. They rely more on the visual medium and hate to read books. 

But I still believe books are the best gift for children. They should read and grow. So I try to sneak some reading time into their daily routine. I feel reading is very crucial for personal development. When all the information is available at your fingertips, you might think about the need to read or learn. Of course, you can use Google or AI to access the information that you require. But reading is essential for your overall development. Have you heard this quote?

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.”
― Francis Bacon

benefits of children reading book

Apart from improving knowledge reading helps us in innumerable ways. Let me point out some for you.

  1. Improves your vocabulary and grammar. while reading you are introduced to a lot of new words. If you read daily, you will be able to guess the meaning of the words without using a dictionary. You will get used to grammar usage without learning grammar when you read regularly. That means it not only improves vocabulary and grammar but also your analytical skills. Your comprehension skills develop and Your speaking and writing skills improve as you will have more knowledge from reading.

  2. Boosts creativity and imagination: Books take you to places that you have never been to. It lights up your imagination. Do you remember people saying movies based on their favorite books were not up to the mark? It is because you had imagined the story much better than what was portrayed in the movies. Books give you a lot of ideas. It teaches you empathy. It takes you into other people's minds. 

  3. Reading helps to relax and reduce stress. When you read, your mind transports you to the plots in the book, so you get detached from the present and focus on the reading. Reading is a good activity to reduce your stress. It helps you to think from all perspectives. It widens your knowledge horizons and you become a better person every day.

  4. It helps to focus and improves memory. When you scroll endlessly through the Instagram reels or YouTube shorts, you might have noticed that you lose focus. You mindlessly do many activities until you stop and think what was I doing? Why did I stop doing that? why didn't I complete this? You see a zillion things on the internet and you lose focus. You are unable to complete what you started. 

Reading has numerous benefits. You can find hundreds of them if you search for "Benefits of Reading" online. A book can be life-changing, so it's worth picking one up and starting to read. Instead of gifting expensive toys, consider gifting children wonderful books. Reading can help children to grow and develop, so it's a great habit to encourage from an early age. Start by practicing reading with children, so that they can develop an appreciation for books and reading. Encouraging children to read is the best gift you can give. It can be difficult to make children read when they have a lot of other options like watching YouTube videos, cartoons, and movies. 

So how can we make them read books? 

slecting books

To encourage a love of reading in children, start by gifting them books about their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters. As they become more interested in reading, you can introduce them to other books in the same genre. Reading together can be fun and engaging, so try to read to them animatedly. Start with books that have colorful pictures to grab their attention. It's also important to talk to them and get to know their reading preferences, which will change over time as they grow.

You should not choose a book because it is best-selling or award-winning, but because it ignited curiosity in your mind. Through these books let your mind embark on a journey that excites you and makes you truly happy.

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