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Why do women lose interest in dressing up?

Updated: Jan 13

Have you seen mothers with babies and toddlers all worn out and tired all the time? If you haven't noticed, google 'worn-out mother syndrome.' It is true.

woman tired and looking lost

Why do mothers lose interest in dressing up?

Mothers may lose interest for various reasons.

  1. Extra effort - Extra effort is often required to dress up and look presentable, which can be daunting for mothers who are already exhausted from their other chores.

  2. To cut down expenses - To reduce expenses some parents cut back on spending to provide better care for their children.

  3. Lack of support system -A lack of support system can make it difficult for mothers to take time for themselves, whether for going shopping, visiting a salon, seeing a friend, or just getting dressed up at home. The guilt of leaving children with someone and enjoying themselves might make them feel like a bad parent.

  4. Depression - Parenting can take a toll on mental health and lead to depression in some mothers, making them feel unmotivated and tired.

woman multitasking due to lack of support

Unfortunately, when their children grow up and become independent, these mothers can become so exhausted and overwhelmed that they no longer care about their appearance or well-being.

The People who should be her support system can be blamed for this. But mothers should take things into their own hands when nobody else is bothering to do it for them.

Don't you think mothers require that self-care time? Cmon! If your spouse or a family member is a mother, why not take care of the kids for a while so she can take a peaceful bath, put on some makeup, and dress up? Full-time parenting can exhaust them. Give them their much-needed break. Let them catch up on things they love to do.

Mommies, please pay attention!

It's time for some 'me time.' Get dressed, put on some makeup, and pamper yourself. I know there are a lot of men who say they prefer to see women without makeup. 🙄 (They are probably just trying to save money)😉 That's their opinion. Do not suppress your desires to make your spouse happy. I don't mean you should dump everything on your face. 😬

My emphasis is on the 'pampering' part.

enjoying time with kids

Don't you feel confident when you dress up? Don't you feel good when you receive those compliments for looking good? Of course, you do! It instantly lifts your mood and gives you happiness. Stop feeling guilty for taking care of yourself.

You matter.

Your health matters.

Your happiness matters!!!!!!

The Importance of Self-Care for Mothers: Why Happy Moms Mean Happy Homes.

Recently, I have seen a lot of reels on social media where people make fun of mothers ranting all the time. However, have you ever thought about why they behave that way?

It is because of years of built-up frustration. They are unhappy and feel they are not receiving the attention and respect they deserve. So, if they are venting their frustration on you, there might be something that you did to trigger them. Thus, it is time to make amends.

We need happy mothers. Only a happy mother can create a positive environment at home. A happy mother spreads her positive aura around everyone at home.

happy mother enjoying time with daughter

So, the question arises - how can we make mothers happy?

  1. Give them some self-care time.

  2. We can show that we care by giving them some of our time.

  3. Show respect and thank them for their endless services.

  4. Sometimes, all they need is someone to listen to them, and we should do so while empathizing with them.

  5. Small deeds can make a big difference, like sharing the chores. Remember, it is pointless to cry over them after they're gone. Instead, we should cherish the time we have with them. Do things that show them our appreciation while they are still with us.

Although I spoke about mothers throughout the post; burnout and exhaustion can happen to anyone. Let's be empathetic and extend a helping hand whenever we can.

Everyone who is struggling to move on, read this quote.

"Always remember you are braver than you believe,

Stronger than you seem,

Smarter than you think,

And loved more than you know."

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