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Try this tip on your picky eater

Updated: Apr 8

Are you having trouble feeding your picky eater? It is natural for kids to show tantrums when it comes to food. Force-feeding them is not a long-term solution as it may lead to aversion towards eating.

little girl happily helping parents in preparing food

Fussy eating is a common behavior among children, especially toddlers. They may refuse to eat certain foods due to their taste, texture, or smell. This behavior can be frustrating, but it is a normal part of their development.

Try this tip next time. Have you tried eating in front of them without offering any food? Just concentrate on enjoying the food and the moment. Very soon, your children will become curious and start asking questions such as "Mummy, what are you eating?", "What's in your mouth?" and "What's that smell?". Without telling them the name or ingredients of the food, place a piece in their mouth. They will most likely eat it. However, if you directly tell them what it is, they may refuse and throw tantrums.

Don't force your child to eat. This can lead to a power struggle and make the situation worse. Instead, offer a variety of healthy foods and let your child choose what they want to eat.

Remember that the quality and variety of food matter over quantity.

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