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5 easy snack recipes for kids

Updated: Apr 5

Kids love to have a snack after returning from school. Biscuits, chips, and fries will be their favorite. But as mothers, we feel guilty giving them these snacks as we know that regular consumption can impact their health negatively in the future.

It is better to restrict these snacks to once a week and look for other healthy options. Here are some easy snack recipes you can make with leftover batter or dough, and kids will love it.

1. Pizza dosa : You need to wait hours to make pizza. But you can prepare this recipe in less than five minutes. You can use your leftover idli/dosa batter for the base. Chop onions, tomatoes, capsicum, and other vegetables your child loves. Spread the dosa batter on a heated Tawa and spread the chopped vegetables on top of the dosa.

Tear some pieces of cheese slice and spread over the vegetables. You can also use tomato sauce or sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Cover with a lid and cook for a few minutes. A spoon of ghee smeared around the dosa will make the edges of the dosa crispy and will add to the taste. Similarly, you can also use your leftover chapati to make a roll with your child’s favorite fillings.

pizza dosa

2.Wheat pancakes: these are my version of the American pancakes which is made from maida/flour. Use wheat flour instead of maida. Add eggs, sugar, milk butter, or ghee. You can use a teaspoon of baking powder if you want it spongy or can avoid it completely and make it like dosa. Spread some peanut butter or other nut butters of your choice. Jams or honey are also a great choice.

wheat pancakes

You can make these recipes in a paniyaram pan as well.

3.jaggery Poha : my kids love jaggery and If I make something with jaggery in it, they will never refuse it. So I add jaggery and coconut to Poha. You can add warm milk to make it soft. Mix it well. You can add nuts and raisins as well.

Kozhukatta - rice dumplings with coconut and jaggery filling

4. Kozhukatta: Another snack that I make with jaggery is the kozhukata. It’s basically a rice dumpling with a coconut and jaggery filling. Whenever I make idiyappams, I reserve some dough for the kozhukatas. If you find it difficult to shape into dumplings you can use a banana leaf to spread the dough. Place the coconut jaggery filling on top and fold the and steam it you just mada a ilayada with ingredients for a kozhukatta.


5.Pazham vattiyathu: chop some ripe plantains and shallow fry with a tablespoon of ghee. Sprinkle some sugar or jaggery powder on top once it is done.

All these recipes are easy and less time consuming. With some planning, making these snacks is easy.

Always buy some cheese, poha, jaggery, dried fruits, and nuts during your monthly shopping. Make some excess batter, or chapati dough or rice dough and keep it in the fridge. In that way, you will not require too much time to make a snack.

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