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Top Travelling Tips for Smooth and Enjoyable Trips with Children

Updated: Apr 8

Do you love to travel? Do you enjoy traveling with your kids or do you get annoyed?

parents taking baby to the beach

I used to be an enthusiastic traveler, even the shortest walk would excite me. However, everything changed when I became a mother to twins. I found it difficult to go anywhere alone as I had to take my children with me every time. Since it was not feasible for me to manage two kids by myself, I always needed someone to accompany me.

In the early days after my twins were born, I was very occupied with feeding them, changing their nappies, and soothing them to sleep. As they grew older, I found myself leaving the house only when it was necessary, such as for doctor's appointments when they fell ill. The idea of someone else caring for my children made me uneasy, so I tended to stay home with them instead of attending social events. I often yearned for some alone time, but leaving the kids with someone else was always stressful and therefore rare.

Two years and five months after giving birth to my twins, I had my third baby. However, taking care of my newborn was much easier this time around as I had become experienced in the art of caring for babies. It has been almost twelve years since then, but the memories are still vivid. 

As a mother, I understand the struggles of traveling with little ones. But fear not, there are products available now that make the journey much smoother.

Nowadays, I am amazed at the number of baby products that are available to make the job of taking care of babies easier. For instance, the electronic cradle, which can be resold if well-maintained despite its high cost, and the baby carrier, which provides ample support to the shoulders and backbone. I've been seeing this feeding spoon bottle combo being used by some parents to feed their babies in public. It's caught my attention, but I'm uncertain about its effectiveness. I suppose it varies from child to child. Some infants can be quite challenging to manage, while others are a breeze.

I primarily used cloth nappies for my newborn twins, reserving disposable diapers for when we went out. However, as caring for two babies at once proved to be quite challenging, I eventually switched to using diapers full-time. Although I was familiar with regular diapers, I had not heard about the pant-style diapers until my twins arrived. When babies start to crawl or walk around pant-style diapers are better compared to the sticky ones. 

Reusable cloth nappies are a great option for parents once their child begins to walk and is toilet trained, as they are more convenient and economical than disposable diapers. The disposal of diapers has become a major problem, but recently incinerators have been invented to dispose of used sanitary pads and diapers. These incinerators are now being produced commercially for home use.

Baby wet wipes were a lifesaver for me when I was traveling with my kids. I always made sure to carry a pack of them with me because they were useful in so many situations. When traveling with kids, you have to carry a lot of things. I usually carried a large bag with two feeding bottles, a container of formula milk powder, some diapers, and a packet of baby wipes. I also packed two changes of clothes, some cereal or biscuits with bowls and spoons, and a flask of hot water. Carrying all of this was quite a challenge - I had to hang the bag on one shoulder and hold one baby in my other hand. I always needed help to carry the other baby.

After my babies stopped using diapers, I bought a mattress protector to prevent any accidents during sleep. I highly recommend getting a mattress protector if you have an expensive mattress. They typically last for at least two years and are easy to clean. You can simply wash it like regular clothes in the washing machine and then dry it out in the sun. Although it was pricey when it first hit the market, now you can easily purchase one for under 1000 rs.

What products do you wish were available when you were raising your children? Do you have any memories to share? Please let me know in the comment section.

traveling with child

If you are traveling with small children, here are some top traveling tips to keep in mind to make the trip comfortable for both you and your child. 

  • Firstly, carry a bag of baby supplies such as diapers, formula milk, baby food, wet wipes, clothes, and hot water. If the trip is long, make sure to also carry medicines for fevers, colds, vomiting, etc. 

  • It's always a good idea to take breaks during a journey, especially when traveling with children. Not only does it give them a chance to stretch their legs and burn off some energy, but it also helps them feel more relaxed and refreshed for the rest of the trip. So, plan some fun pit stops along the way to keep everyone happy and comfortable!"

  • If you are traveling in a vehicle with air conditioning, ensure that you make your child wear warm clothes, caps, socks, mittens, etc. to avoid them catching a chill. If you have small babies with you, swaddle them in a blanket to keep them warm.

  • If it gets too hot, dress them in light and breezy clothes.

  • To keep your child entertained throughout the journey, carry one or two toys that they can play with when they feel cranky. You can also play their favorite songs while traveling in the car to help them relax. Board books, rhymes, and stories are also good to keep them entertained.

  • Investing in a good baby seat can also help make the journey comfortable for your child. They can sleep in it without making any tantrums

  • Remember to bring a small garbage bag to dispose of used wipes and soiled diapers. Also, keep an air freshener in the car to eliminate any odors.

Traveling with kids can be both an exciting and daunting experience. As a parent, you want to make sure your child is comfortable and safe during the trip, while also enjoying the adventure. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind while going for long trips with kids: 

1. Plan: Research your destination and find kid-friendly activities and attractions. Make sure to book your accommodation in advance, and if possible, choose a family-friendly hotel or resort. 

2. Pack wisely: Pack light and only bring the essentials. If possible, use a travel stroller or baby carrier to make it easier to move around with your child. 

3. Be prepared for emergencies: Carry a first-aid kit with you, along with any necessary medications and documents such as health insurance and emergency contacts. 

4. Be flexible: Traveling with kids can be unpredictable, so be prepared to change your plans or itinerary if needed. Take breaks when your child needs to rest or nap and don't try to pack too many activities into a single day. 

Remember, traveling with kids can be a fun and rewarding experience, so enjoy the journey and make lasting memories with your family.

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