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The Month of Love: February Inspiration

Updated: Apr 5

February 14th is widely celebrated as Valentine's Day - a day to express love and affection towards our loved ones. A day for proposals, date nights, and exchanging gifts. Though many of us don't celebrate this day, the glitz and glamour of movies have created such an idealized outlook for Valentine's Day that we smile and blush on hearing the words 'Valentine's Day.'🥰

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However, this post is not about Valentine's Day. Not many people know that February 14th is also known as "International Book Giving Day".  To celebrate Valentine's Day is your choice. But consider honoring "International Book Giving Day." Here is your February Inspiration to spread some love. In this month of love, celebrate uniquely by gifting and donating books.

Man flipping pages of a book, International book giving day February 14th

This day holds significant importance as it emphasizes giving books and promoting the joy of reading. Despite being lesser-known, it is a day that should be celebrated and remembered by all.

How did it begin?

Amy Broadmoore, founder of 'Delightful Children’s Books' and 'The Curious Kid’s Librarian', conceived the idea of "World Book Giving Day" in 2012. International Book Giving Day aims to provide access to books to children all around the world. It is celebrated by donating new or used books to children's libraries, schools, foster homes, or charities.

Why should you read books?

Reading is essential for the overall growth of a person. As children, we were always advised to read something every day, no matter if it was a torn piece of newspaper. This is because reading once can give you knowledge and ideas and reading more than once can bring unique perspectives into your thought process. 

No matter how advanced we get in technology, reading should never stop. Books are treasure troves of knowledge and wisdom, and knowledge is priceless. A book is a gift for life that can be passed down to generations. 

You may have showered your children with toys and clothes, but have you ever gifted them a book? 🤔It doesn't have to be new; you can give one from your collection or an old one that you picked up from a book fair or a bookstall.

Why should you donate?

This year, remember the children who do not have access to education and learning either due to poverty, natural calamities, or war going on in their countries. Every small act we perform has the potential to bring brightness to someone's life. Let's embrace every opportunity to be the light in their darkness.

On this "International Book Giving Day," I urge you to act in any way you can, whether by donating to charities that provide books to children or buying new books for the children in your lives.

Let this post encourage volunteers to take charge and organize events or give at least one book to a child in need. It's time to step up and help foster a love of reading in children and make a positive impact in their lives!

Do you believe reading is only for children, or you have outgrown your learning age?

Reading and learning have no age limits, making a book a perfect gift for any occasion from children to seniors. Even on Valentine's Day, a book can be a thoughtful and meaningful present.

A word of caution so that you don't blame me later. Gifting a book to your girlfriend who is expecting a diamond might be risky. 😁You might get whacked with the same book you gifted. I recommend gifting it to everyone other than your girlfriend this Valentine's Day. Or😬 you can forward this post to your girlfriend, educate her about the day's significance, and do something meaningful together on this beautiful day.

Consider reading my post as a sign to donate if:

  • Your bookshelf is too full to accommodate new books.

  • Books are not being used or have remained untouched for years.

  • You have outgrown your taste and preferences in reading.

Here are some ways to do it.

  • People in Bangalore can give away their books to Amazon and get rewarded. Check out this link to know more.

  • Donate to nearby schools, orphanages, libraries, etc. Ensure that the books are in good condition.

  • Check out these websites to learn about online book donations in India.

  • Organizations like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Books for Africa, and the Africa Library Project also accept book donations. Check out their websites to learn about collection centers.

So this February, Apart from gifting diamonds, chocolates, roses, and greeting cards think about gifting and donating books. On this Valentine's Day, feel the joy of sharing and caring for the ones who cannot afford to buy on their own.

Be the change you wish to see in this world 😇🤗

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