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Fridge chronicles: A comedy of forgetfulness on chaotic school mornings

Updated: Apr 5

School mornings are a battlefield, and I, well, I'm the general leading the charge. Today chaos reached new heights when the alarm stopped snoozing, leaving me in a race against the school bus. As my mind sprinted through the morning to-do list, I went and opened the fridge.

Lemon Limbo

half-cut lemons

In my sleep stupor, my gaze got stuck on a half-cut lemon on the brink of turning into a science experiment. Cue the internal debate on whether it is better to let it wither away or try to save it from the abyss of waste.

(Spoiler alert 🍋the lemon lost the battle but my conscience has won the war😁.)

Has this happened to you? You save it because you don't want to waste good food😇. Keeps it in the fridge for a couple of days or weeks only to throw it away after it is spoiled🤣. The regret of wasting it leads to setting a mental reminder not to do it next time. But time and again the same fate awaits the half-cut lemon.😬

Ketchup sachets: the immortal soldiers

Enter the eternal life squad - those tomato ketchup sachets that seem to have discovered the secret to immortality. They will chill in the fridge for eons🥶 silently judging the fleeting existence of the half-cut lemons. We may not use them, But at least they won't betray us by turning into a fuzzy, moldy, fungal mess.🤢

Leftovers and the Great Beyond

tupperware containing food leftovers

Joining the ranks of the forgotten heroes are the Tupperware soldiers💂‍♂️ containing the leftovers from the previous night(my memory cannot recall the exact night it joined the fridge, so it is now officially called "yesterday's leftover" saving faces and sparing us the embarrassment of admitting it as ancient! 🤭) Alas, they await a fate similar to the half-cut lemon. In the fridge, they unite in solidarity, waiting for their chance to shine - or get tossed out.😐

"The Lost Quest in Bridgeville"

lost in thoughts

As I rummaged through the fridge, a daunting question echoed in my mind: What on earth was I searching for???? 🙄I found myself standing in front of the fridge for a couple of minutes inspecting its inhabitants, rearranging items, and continuing to stare at them, unable to recall why I opened the fridge in the first place. 🤔The answer, like a slippery eel eluded me. The Fridge Chronicles took an unexpected turn as I stood there, staring into the cold abyss, unable to remember my quest. The chronicles concluded and I returned to my other daily chores.

Has this happened to you? Unable to recollect the reason why you have opened the fridge? If you do, then you are not alone. It has happened to me countless times. I would be standing in front of the fridge or cupboards trying to recall my mission. The myriad of thoughts that pass through your mind in those moments is a curious side effect, perhaps of multitasking. They say women are great multi-taskers -They are, and I am too, but nobody is flawless. Maybe it's the result of non-stop mental chatter. Haven't you seen those funny memes of how a woman thinks about multiple things simultaneously? Let us embrace these tiny imperfections as these finally lead to moments of laughter in the household.

In the grand scheme of chaotic school mornings, The Fridge Chronicles are my quirky sidekick. Whether it's the pantry, wardrobe, or fridge, the staring and forgetful waltz remains my signature move.

So dear reader🤓, am I the only one caught in the forgetful waltz💃, or do you, too have half-cut lemons🍋 and eternal ketchup packets hiding in your fridge🧐?

Share your own Fridge Chronicles in the comments below and let's turn forgetfulness into a communal comedy! After all. Laughter is the best defense against the chaos of school mornings.🥳

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