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Why should children play outdoor sports?

Updated: Apr 5

Numerous benefits of encouraging sports in children

As a mother, I now realize the importance of encouraging kids to take up sports. It wasn't always like this until something happened. It made me want to share my dilemma with fellow mothers.

In the past, I used to give electronic devices to children. They would sit quietly and not cause any trouble. These devices were helpful when I had to complete household chores or needed some time for myself. I felt fine as long as they were safe spending their time quietly inside the house. However, over time, children became too absorbed in these gadgets, and I began to feel guilty about it. I could no longer justify when my kids started to have health issues.

One of my sons experienced dry eyes and itching due to overexposure to the light emitted by the mobile phone, while the other one had red eyes, eye strain, and watery eyes. His eyes had trouble adjusting when he looked at bright light sources. They became addicted to watching TV shows and spending time on social media, which caused them to reject outdoor activities. I had to set limits for their screen time to help solve their eye issues.

Lack of physical activity worsened my daughter's asthma. When the pediatrician enquired about her routine activities, I felt numb. She asked her whether she wanted to get better or if she was okay as is. She said she wanted to change. I felt so guilty. The doctor said that she required daily physical exercise for her lungs to be strong and healthy and insisted on taking up some dance lessons or sports classes. My daughter did not like dance and outrightly rejected joining dance classes. Playing around the house with her siblings was not enough. That's when the football World Cup started. My daughter turned into a Messi fan girl. She started playing football with her brothers and thus began her journey to recovery. She very rarely uses her rescue inhalers now. Well, the 'Messi'ah blessed us.

If things don't go as planned, it is imperative to stop and step back to figure out what's going wrong. No parent is perfect. We all learn something new every day. When you've learned a valuable lesson, make sure to act accordingly. When a child is born, so is a parent. Instead of being judgmental towards other parents, let's all strive to show compassion and support each other through the ups and downs of parenting.

Why should children play outdoor sports?

Encouraging children to participate in outdoor sports at a young age has numerous benefits. So let us check out reasons why children should play outdoor sports.

  • It is crucial for promoting good health and strengthening the immune system. It is essential to let children soak up the sun as it helps in producing Vitamin D, which is vital for a robust immune system. Let them run around and play for hours, as it improves their stamina. Playing in the mud may also be beneficial as it can help build immunity against allergies. Physical activities can aid children in developing endurance, strength, and coordination, leading to better overall health and well-being.

  • Playing sports will help to have a positive impact on a child's attitude and mindset. It is not about winning but about participation. It can help them to develop a positive self-image, boost self-confidence, and improve their social skills. It is a great way to instill relevant life skills in children. Through sports, children learn discipline, perseverance, and goal-setting, which are invaluable skills they can apply to various areas of their lives.

  • Playing team sports can help children to understand the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship. It teaches them the importance of following the rules, working with their teammates, and showing good sportsmanship towards their opponents. Winning and losing are parts of the game. Children should learn to be humble even while winning and respect and acknowledge the opponent while losing. Developing positive character traits such as integrity, respect, and fairness is essential to leading a meaningful life.

So mummas, switch off the TVs, lock your phones, and get out with your kids. A little sun can do wonders for you as well😁. A quiet walk while they play around can help you unclutter your mind. Remember, staying healthy and happy is crucial for you and your children.😀


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